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Destiny 2: Latest News, Updates: Prestige Raid Still on Track for Oct. 18 Launch

“Destiny 2” developer Bungie has been alerted to a possible exploit for their upcoming Prestige Raid and has delayed the launch of the new content as a result. They are not willing to let players wait around for much longer, though, and the developers pushing through with a launch next week, with or without a fix.

The team behind “Destiny 2” has posted a weekly update, and with it is mixed news for fans eagerly waiting for the game’s first Prestige Raid to start. To begin with, Bungie has announced that they are pushing through with a launch on Wednesday, Oct. 18 at 1 p.m. EDT.

That’s the good news. Now, for the more debatable update, Bungie could be opening the raid without having fixed the exploit that prompted them to put off the launch in the first place.

The developer has sensibly declined to reveal what the exploit was, but players have suspected that it had something to do with a tactic to stop additional enemies from showing up during the fight with the final raid boss, according to Eurogamer.

The short-term fix that Bungie has come up with also comes with a good amount of risk that could break parts of the game, according to the developers themselves. They are putting off implementing the patch to a later date until they can come up with something safer.

They did, however, come up with a way to verify that a “Destiny 2” fireteam was able to take down the raid boss without using the exploit. “This will take some extra time to verify, but we will be able to crown the winners with the confidence they deserve,” Bungie noted, referring to the coveted World First distinction that the top raid teams will be racing to get.

More details are expected from Bungie as they continue work on the safe fix, which they plan to install in “Destiny 2” as part of a future update. The team will also be back next week with another update on their official site to reveal more about the Raid Challenges that will come with the upcoming Prestige Raid.