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Narcos Season 4 Spoilers, Rumors – Show to Go Back in Time to Explore Juarez Cartel Beginnings?

“Narcos” season 4 might go back in time to explore the beginnings of the Juarez cartel in Mexico, which will feature scenes from past decades and events.

Pêpê Rapazote, who played Chepe Santacruz Londoño or one of the Cali godfathers in “Narcos” season 3, told Heavy about his expectations for season 4. He shared his own assumptions even as he won’t be a part of the new season.

Rapazote believes that “Narcos” season 4 will go back in time to tackle the early days of the Juarez cartel. Viewers got a glimpse of this group when Juarez’s Amado Carrillo Fuentes met with Pacho Herrera of Colombia’s Cali cartel in season 3.

Netflix, however, has not yet confirmed the show’s production following the unfortunate murder of the show’s location scout, Carlos Muñoz Portal, in Mexico. “Narcos” star Pedro Pascal (DEA Agent Javier Peña) expressed that work on the show cannot continue if the lives of the cast and crew are at risk.

Netflix confirmed that Muñoz died from multiple gunshots while looking at sites for the “Narcos” season 4 filming in a remote Mexico town. The streaming platform, however, issued no further details as the investigation into the incident continue.

Meanwhile, Pascal also told Entertainment Weekly that he’s not sure if he will be in “Narcos” season 4 because his character’s job is done. He wasn’t even expecting to be in season 3, but he became that season’s voice and narrator.

“Peña left Columbia six months after Escobar died,” Pascal said of his character. “He stayed DEA and he consulted a ton on Cali, but he wasn’t physically there.”

“Narcos,” which debuted on the streaming platform in 2015, is Netflix’s most popular series, according to a survey from Parrot Analytics. The first and second season focused on the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar. Season 3 focused on the Cali cartel and premiered on the streaming platform last Sept. 1 with 10 episodes.