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Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Spoilers – Stein Becomes a Grandfather; Sara and Constantine Meet

Come “Legends of Tomorrow” season 3, the Waverider crew has come to terms with their crazy new life, but not Professor Stein (Victor Garber).

Executive producer Phil Klemmer teased to IGN that the genius professor has become the only person in the team who “yearns for a straight life” outside of their time-traveling exploits.

Fans will remember that Stein now has a daughter (a result of an aberration he chose not to correct) and in “Legends of Tomorrow” season 3, he will learn that she is pregnant:

He’s the only one who even yearns for a straight life. The rest of our guys, starting with the premiere, are fighting for their existence as time travelers and trying to prove to Rip they still have what it takes.

From the looks of it, Stein believes that one day, they will be able to fix everything and return to the life they had before they took on the mission. The others, however, appear to have accepted the fact that this is their life now and that they will be doing this as long as it takes.

But with his family getting bigger, there is a possibility that Stein could end up leaving the team to be with them instead. What this means for the Firestorm matrix remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, Klemmer teased what to expect in “Legends of Tomorrow” season 3, revealing that Matt Ryan will reprise his role as John Constantine in one episode.

He did not go into detail about the appearance of the character, but it will be interesting to see him and Sara (Caity Lotz) officially meet after the former brought her back to life. The EP, however, went on to provide snippets of the situations and eras the team will find themselves in come “Legends of Tomorrow” season 3:

We get Billy Zane and the circus [in the second episode]; we get a little Julius Caesar on the beach in Aruba in the premiere. We meet [new team member] Zari in this sort of dystopian future. We get to do a little Amblin alien episode back in the ’80s; we do some Jack the Ripper Victorian London; Golden Age of Hollywood; John Constantine doing an exorcism. We do a Freaky Friday episode. The only thing we haven’t been able to do: We really wanted to do an Abba “Waterloo” in then Napoleonic wars but we could not get the rights for the song.